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So, recently I had the notion to chop my hair off. Like, O.F.F.

And so I did.  Into a sexy-chic bob that complimented my bone structure and features perfectly.  Or so my hairdresser told me.  But really, it did look cute and I loved it.

But then I got tired of fixing it every single day, and starting day dreaming about ponytails and ballerina topknot buns.  I missed my hair, but what to do?! Biotin is great and all, but I am an impatient gal and wanted hair now.  The thought of extensions made my head and my wallet hurt.  Thankfully my stylist told me about this hair extension system she had just started offering called VoMor, which is exclusive to Aveda salons. I wanted to go the route that was the most natural looking without spending a total fortune or risk damaging my actual hair.

VoMor is a tape-in real human hair extension that is flexible and comes in over 24 different options that are made to match Aveda hair color.  They are super comfy, super lightweight, and honestly half the time I forget I even have them in! The best part is that when its time to take them out, you can have them cleaned by your stylist and put back in up to 3 applications.  That’s really great for the budget-conscious because that means you don’t have to buy new hair every time, unlike other hair extension systems.




Now, where as this hair extension system is beautiful for adding length its best attribute is the volume and fullness they can give you – even with just one box! TheOneBox Transformation is great for those just wanting to add fullness to the sides or to fill in any thin areas.

So, it was basically love at first sight.  I wasn’t experiencing a Rapunzel-moment or anything like that, but I had long hair again and I could  I may not be able to rock a Lauren-Conrad-inspired-bow-bun anytime soon, but I can pull off those beachy waves or cute fishtail braids any day.

Until next time…