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Your way to glowing skin!

To get amazing glowing skin, start by getting a regular Glow facial whenever possible. Our Glow facial is Aveda’s perfecting plant peel, think chemical peel without all the bad stuff. Your skin is left feeling exfoliated, fresh and glowing. Facials can be done in a series or as a stand-alone treatment and can also be done the day before or day-of events. The best part is there is no recovery time since it’s so gentle on your skin that you can immediately resume regular activities.

The top 3 benefits you’ll experience after having a Glow facial are:

  1. Super hydrated skin that looks and feels refreshed
  2. Exfoliated skin due to surface cell turn over
  3. Reduction of fine lines and pores over time

I highly recommend getting a glow once a month; however, if you have a big event or are really trying to get a handle on your skin you can do them every week. The Glow facial takes about 45 min to complete and is a great treatment to add to any service while you are in the salon. You can even get one done during your processing time!

For at-home care after your treatment, I recommend:

  • Botanical Kinetics Cleanser (gel or creme depending on your skin type)
  • Botanical Kinetics Rich or Soft creme for moisture
  • Tulasara Bright (day) and Firm (night) serum
  • Botanical Kinetics energizing eye cream
  • Daily Light Guard sunscreen

Can’t wait to help you start your skincare journey and get you glowing!


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