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Dear Girls with Curls,

Every head of curly hair has a personality all its own, and a different mood for every day. The moods I encounter most often with curly hair are angry or excited, and my usual approach is to think in terms of calming curly hair down.

Curly-haired people will get the best results from a stylist who is a fellow curly: someone with the same struggles and triumphs, who is not intimidated by a head of curly hair. They know that curly hair takes a few days to settle down after cutting and styling, and products are essential.

Speaking of products, every type of curly needs to find their own cocktail. Some people need moisture and hold, some need something creamy or an oil. Some need it all. Not having the right cocktail holds curlies back from wearing their natural hair, but once you find it, you will happily embrace wearing your curls.

The most important styling tips I share with my curly clients are 1) don’t comb anywhere but the shower and 2) minimal styling and fuss after the shower. Maybe some air dry time or finishing the style with a diffuser. Resist the urge to overstyle, and embrace the glorious chaos of curls!

From your curly-haired stylist,


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